Fellowship, Clerkship and Other Opportunities for Lawyers and Law Students at the U.S. Copyright Office

The work of the U.S. Copyright Office is critical to the promotion and dissemination of American works of authorship and in supporting a wide range of businesses in the entertainment, information and technology sectors. The Register of Copyrights and Copyright Office attorneys work closely with creators, owners and users of copyrighted materials to maintain and administer an effective national copyright system. The Register and her legal staff advise other government agencies on domestic and international copyright issues and serve as the principal resource for Congress on questions of U.S. copyright law and policy.

Copyright Office attorneys work principally in four different areas:

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) has primary responsibility for the legal interpretation of the Copyright Act and related statutory and regulatory provisions. OGC addresses litigation claims (including in the area of registration), monitors judicial developments in copyright law, analyzes proposed legislation, and advises on the administration and application of Copyright Office regulations and practices. In addition, OGC advises Congress, the Department of Justice, and other agencies on a wide range of copyright-related legal and policy matters.

The Office of Policy and International Affairs (PIA) assists the Register of Copyrights in advising the U.S. Congress on domestic and international policy matters, as well as legislative proposals, through formal reports, congressional testimony, and technical analysis. PIA also represents the Copyright Office in U.S. government delegations to international organizations, including the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and in bilateral meetings an d negotiations with foreign governments, and works closely with a variety of executive branch agencies on copyright and trade issues.

The Office of the Register (REG) supports critical projects and priorities of the Register of Copyrights, including legislative and policy initiatives, academic partnerships, operational improvements, and public outreach efforts. REG works closely with OGC and PIA to advance and fulfill the Register's vision and objectives for the Copyright Office.

The Registration Program Office (RP) oversees the administration of a central component of the Copyright Office, the national copyright registration system. RP advises the Register of Copyrights on the direction and implementation of registration policies and practices. In addition to attending to its legal aspects, RP has significant operational responsibility in administering the nation's copyright registration system.