In the Matter of }
Digital Performance Right in Sound }
} Docket No. 2000-9 CARP DTRA 1&2
Recordings and Ephemeral Recordings }
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On February 20, 2002, the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel (CARP) reported its determination to the Librarian of Congress in the above-captioned proceeding. In accordance with 17 U.S.C. 802(f), the Librarian is given 90 days from date of delivery of a CARP report to review the determination and issue a decision setting forth the final royalty fee and terms of payment. However, if the Librarian rejects the CARP's determination, section 802(f) provides an additional 30 days for the Librarian to render his final determination.

The Register of Copyrights recommends, and the Librarian agrees, that the CARP's determination must be rejected. A final decision will be issued no later than June 20, 2002.


DATED: May 21, 2002


Marybeth Peters,
Register of Copyrights.


James H. Billington,
Librarian of Congress.