World Intellectual Property Day,
Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly, Producer/Sound/Photographer
Erin Kelly is a graduate of Northwestern University, where she received a bachelor of arts degree in anthropology, international studies, and Spanish. She lives in Chicago and is working as a program manager with CCI Greenheart, a nonprofit cultural exchange organization. Kelly facilitates cultural exchange programs for international high school students in the United States through processing student applications, communicating with international partners, and resolving issues that arise during the school year. Prior to working at CCI Greenheart, she worked at a marketing and communications consulting company for nonprofits.

Kelly has always had a passion for travel and learning about different cultures, a passion that she has followed throughout her academic, professional, and personal life. Her most ambitious travel adventure to date was a 99-day trip around the world with her mother, Gail Mooney, during which the two filmed a documentary featuring change-makers on six continents who are working to make a positive difference in the world on a grassroots level. Their documentary, Opening Our Eyes, seeks to create awareness about the power of the individual and to inspire others to make a difference.