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Copyright Lore

World's Biggest Card Catalog

UCC Finally Protected American Authors Abroad

American Conference of Experts on Copyrights, 1946

Unusual District Court Copyright Entry

Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass

203rd Anniversary of the 1st Amendment to the Copyright Law

Librarian of Congress, the de facto Register of Copyrights

Copyright Office compiles bibliography of Winston Churchhill

Copyright Office Service Bulletin

Landmark legislation to protect motion pictures

Proposals advocating a federal patent and copyright system

Statue of Liberty sculpture registered

Copyright Office service flag

June 2004 marks 215th anniversary of the first copyright bill

Mark Twain lobbied for international copyright protection

Recording of assignments and related documents begin in 1870

First copyright registered in 1900

Coca Cola copyright registration for a label

First book to be registered under a state law

Copyright system centralized in the Library of Congress 1870

Chace International Copyright Act of 1891