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Annual Report 2002: Strategic Planning

In February 2002, the Copyright Office published a new Strategic Plan covering the years 2002–2006 (available online here). The document outlines the Office’s priorities and future direction. The Office’s mission "to promote creativity by administering and sustaining an effective national copyright system" is supported by a series of goals keyed to three strategic areas and management support:
  • Copyright Law Administration
  • Policy Assistance, Regulatory Activities, and Litigation
  • Public Information and Education
  • Management Support and its overarching initiative of Business Process and Information Technology Reengineering
Each wstrategic goal is supported by a number of objectives, and each objective is followed by the means to be used in achieving the objective and a set of action items. The plan also includes the methods by which accomplishment of the goals will be evaluated. The strategic objectives serve as goal statements for the Office’s Annual Program Performance Plans, while the action statements are the source of the annual plans’ targets.

Management Controls

The Management Control Program ensures that Copyright Office programs are carried out in the most effective and economical manner possible and that assets are safeguarded. During fy 2002, the Office conducted Vulnerability Assessments on all 22 management control modules, of which one was found to be low risk and the rest at medium risk. The Office decided to perform control reviews for eleven modules, which were completed by June. The Register issued a year-end memorandum asserting reasonable assurance that obligations and costs comply with applicable law; assets are safeguarded against waste, loss, unauthorized use, or misappropriation; proper accounting of revenues and expenditures are provided; and program activities are carried out effectively and economically.

Business Continuity Plan

The Copyright Office completed part one of its Business Continuity Plan to describe actions to ensure continuity in the event of short-term closure of its main location of operations. The Office drafted part two as an interim plan to deal with intermediate and long-term dislocation. The continuity plan includes appendices for handling each computer system.

The Office is part of a Library of Congress-wide Continuity of Operations Task Force to integrate existing service unit plans into a larger plan for the entire Library.

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