Registration for Section 1201 Public Hearings

Members of the public may observe the hearings using the links below. The starting times for individual sessions are provided on the hearing agenda. To sign up for the audience participation sessions, please visit this link.

Date Sessions Registration Link
April 5, 2021 Class 3: Audiovisual Works—Accessibility
Class 17: All Works—Accessibility
Class 8: Literary Works—Accessibility
April 6, 2021 Class 1: Audiovisual Works—Criticism and Comment (Education and Noncommercial Videos) https://loc.zoomgov.com/webinar/register/WN_ZwPQFbxNSMuO_-LU6k4X8w
April 7, 2021 Class 16: Computer Programs—Copyright License Investigation
Class 7(a): Motion Pictures—Text and Data Mining
Class 7(b): Literary Works—Text and Data Mining
April 8, 2021 Class 13: Computer Programs—Security Research
Class 9: Literary Works—Medical Device Data
Audience Participation
April 19, 2021 Class 5: Audiovisual Works—Preservation
Class 14(a): Computer Programs—Preservation
Class 14(b): Video Games—Preservation
April 20, 2021 Class 12: Computer Programs—Repair https://loc.zoomgov.com/webinar/register/WN_bjnscN1TpiTrIVf19DsRw
April 21, 2021 Class 11: Computer Programs—Jailbreaking
Class 10: Computer Programs—Unlocking
Audience Participation