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Nashville Music Licensing Study Public Roundtable on June 4 & 5, 2014

Los Angeles Music Licensing Study Public Roundtable on June 16 & 17, 2014

New York Music Licensing Study Public Roundtable on June 23 & 24, 2014

Request to Participate

Thank you for your interest in participating in a Music Licensing Study roundtable. The roundtable hearing rooms will have a limited number of seats for participants. Due to the limited capacity, each participating entity may designate only one individual to represent it at a particular roundtable session. An entity may have different individuals represent it at different roundtable sessions, but each such individual should complete and submit a separate request form.

The Office will attempt to accommodate preferences to the greatest extent possible while allowing for the maximum number of viewpoints at the roundtables. Individuals who submit a timely request will receive a response to their request by email or telephone, which will indicate the specific session(s) in which they are scheduled to participate. Depending upon the number and preferences of individuals seeking to participate, it is possible that the Office will not be able to accommodate all requests.

If you are interested in participating in one or more roundtable sessions, please submit your completed form through this website no later than May 20, 2014. Requests to participate should be submitted electronically through this website by supplying the requisite information and clicking on the “submit” button. If an individual is unable to submit the form electronically, please contact Sarang V. Damle, at [email protected], for further instructions.

Note: Use this form only to indicate that you want to participate in a public roundtable. For individuals who simply wish to observe roundtable sessions, the Office will provide public seating on a first-come, first-serve basis on the day of the roundtable. Because space is limited and to allow for a diverse audience, we ask that entities limit observers to one per session. Following discussion of the various agenda topics by roundtable participants, observers at the roundtables will be provided a limited opportunity to offer additional comments after the final session on the second day.

We apologize in advance if the room reaches its capacity and we are unable to accommodate all who might wish to attend. The Office has made arrangements to transcribe the proceedings for the record and the transcriptions will be posted on our website when they become available.


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  If another individual from the same entity also wishes to participate, please provide that person's name (each individual seeking to participate needs to submit a separate form).

The roundtable sessions are listed below, including the principal topics we expect to discuss at each session. Please rank the sessions by order of your level of interest, with 1 being the session you are most interested in and 9 the least. If there is a session that you are not interested in, leave the space next to that panel blank.



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Day 1
Morning Agenda:


Session 1: Current Licensing Landscape

Successful licensing models; innovative approaches; current state of collective licensing; role of direct licensing; larger versus smaller market participants; issues of concern to self-represented creators.



Session 2: Sound Recordings

Effectiveness of Section 112 and 114 statutory licenses; administrative benefits and challenges of statutory licenses; section 112 and 114 ratesetting process; distinction between interactive and non-interactive services.


Session 3: Musical Works - Reproduction and Distribution

Effectiveness of the Section 115 statutory license; administrative benefits and challenges of statutory licenses; potential modernization of Section 115 license; section 115 ratesetting process.



Afternoon Agenda:


Session 4: Fair Royalty Rates and Platform Parity

Fundamental concerns and principles; impact of differing licensing regimes and ratesetting standards on royalty rates and delivery platforms; impact of limited sound recording performance right.



Session 5: Data Standards

Current state of industry data; marketplace challenges and needs; status of current initiatives relating to musical works; status of current initiatives relating to sound recordings; other initiatives; government encouragement of universal standards



Day Two
Morning Agenda:


Session 6: Musical Works - Public Performance

Effectiveness of PRO licensing process; administrative benefits and challenges of PRO licensing; PRO ratesetting process; impact of ASCAP and BMI consent decrees; role of other PROs.



Session 7: Industry Incentives and Investment

Impact of current licensing regimes on creators’ incentives and livelihoods; state of investment in new projects and talent; ability to bring new products and services to market; state of investment in new products and services; division of revenues between and among creators and distributors.



Session 8: Pre-1972 Sound Recordings

Infringement and liability concerns; administrative issues; impact of federal protection for pre-1972 sound recordings on licensing practices; possibility of more limited federal protection tied to statutory licenses.



Afternoon Agenda:


Session 9: Potential Future Developments

Unified licensing models, including joint licensing of sound recording rights, mechanical rights and/or musical work public performance rights; evolution of collective rights organizations and practices; modification, expansion, or elimination of statutory licenses; micro-licensing and other alternatives; government facilitation of new approaches.



Provide a brief explanation as to why you wish to participate in the public roundtables, including, if you would like, why you are interested in specific panels.


Clicking "submit" will file your request with the U.S. Copyright Office. The next screen will display a printable page showing the complete information you entered. You will also receive an email copy of your request.

The Office will review these requests and develop a list of selected participants for each session. Selected participants will be notified directly by the Office.