Recordation of Transfers and Other Documents

Documents pertaining to a copyright, including documents that transfer copyright ownership, may by recorded in the Copyright Office. A document must bear the actual signature of the person who executed it, or be accompanied by an official certification that it is a true copy of the original signed document.
17 U.S.C. 205(a).

Please read the following publications for further information on recordation of transfer and other documents with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Recordation of Transfers and Other Documents (Circular 12)

Calculating Fees for Recording Documents in the Copyright Office

Recordation (Compendium Chapter 2300)

Document Cover Sheet Form DCS

Under a new rule promulgated by the Copyright Office, the processing time for recording transfers of copyright or other documents pertaining to a copyright can be significantly shortened by submitting long title lists (i.e., lists containing 100 or more titles) in electronic format. The Recordation Section strongly encourages remitters with long title lists to take full advantage of this opportunity to reduce current processing times. See sample eTitles list here.

Code of Federal Regulations
Section Title
201.4 Recordation of transfers and certain other documents.
201.5 Corrections and amplifications of copyright registrations; applications for supplementary registration.
201.10 Notices of termination of transfers and licenses covering extended renewal term.
201.25 Visual Arts Registry.
201.26 Recordation of documents pertaining to computer shareware and donation of public domain computer software.
201.33 Procedures for filing Notices of Intent to Enforce a restored copyright under the Uruguay Round Agreements Act.
201.34 Procedures for filing Correction Notices of Intent to Enforce a Copyright Restored under the Uruguay Round Agreements Act.
201.38 Designation of agent to receive notification of claimed infringement.
201.39 Notice to Libraries and Archives of Normal Commercial Exploitation or Availability at Reasonable Price. Also see more information about Notices to Libraries and Archives
212.6 Recordation of transfers and other documents.