[Federal Register: December 29, 1994]



Copyright Office
[Docket No. 94-1B]

Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panels; List of Arbitrator Names

AGENCY: Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

ACTION: Determination of 1995 CARP arbitrator list.


SUMMARY: The Copyright Office is waiving its rules and extending the 
effective date of its current CARP arbitrator list until the end of 
1995. Those arbitrators listed for 1994 who filed financial disclosure 
statements with the Office will therefore be eligible to serve on a 
CARP for any royalty distribution or rate adjustment proceedings 
beginning in calendar year 1995.

EFFECTIVE DATEs: January 30, 1995.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Marilyn J. Kretsinger, Acting General 
Counsel, Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel, P.O. Box 70977, Southwest 
Station, Washington, D.C. 20024. Telephone (202) 707-8380, FAX (202) 



    For royalty rate adjustments and distributions that are in 
controversy, section 802(b) of the Copyright Act requires the selection 
of a Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel (CARP) consisting of three 
arbitrators from ``lists provided by professional arbitration 
associations.'' 17 U.S.C. 802(b). The Librarian of Congress selects two 
of the arbitrators for a CARP, from a list of nominated arbitrators; 
these selected arbitrators then select a third to serve as their 
chairperson. If the two arbitrators cannot agree, the Librarian is 
instructed to select the third arbitrator.
    To implement the CARP selection process of 17 U.S.C. 802(b), the 
Copyright Office issued interim regulations, 59 FR 23964 (May 9, 1994), 
and then, final regulations, 59 FR 63025 (Dec. 7, 1994). Section 251.3 
of the interim regulations created a system whereby any professional 
arbitration association or organization could, before May 6, 1994, and 
``before January 1 of each year thereafter,'' submit a list of persons 
qualified under Sec. 251.5 of the interim rules to serve as a CARP 
arbitrator for that year. This system requires the Copyright Office to 
publish a list of qualified persons<SUP>1 and mandates that this list 
must include ``at least 30, but not more than 75 persons, submitted to 
the Librarian from at least three professional arbitration associations 
or organizations.'' Sec. 251.3(b). This ``arbitrator list'' is in 
effect until the end of the calendar year and any and all arbitrators 
selected for a CARP during that year would come from the list.

    \1\Those persons nominated after May 6, 1994, for the first list 
and after January of each succeeding year.

    In accordance with the interim regulations, the Copyright Office 
published the 1994 arbitrator list on May 11, 1994. 59 FR 24486 (May 
11, 1994). The list contained 107 names since the ``short period of 
time between receipt of the names from the arbitrator associations and 
the need to publish the arbitrator list'' required the Office to waive 
its 75 person maximum. Id. Of these 107 persons, 77 submitted financial 
disclosure statements, as required by Sec. 251.32(a) of the interim 
rules, and were therefore eligible to serve on a CARP during 1994.

New List

    On December 7, 1994, the Copyright Office issued final regulations 
governing the operation and administration of the CARPs. 59 FR 63025 
(Dec. 7, 1994). The final regulations made no changes to provisions 
governing qualifications of the arbitrators and compilation of the 
arbitrator list.<SUP>2 Therefore, the Office is charged with gathering 
the name of potential arbitrators prior to January 1 of each year and 
publishing the list in the Federal Register after that date.

    \2\A technical change was made to Sec. 251.3 by striking the 
references to May 6, 1994, for submission of names from arbitration 
associations and publication of the arbitrator list since there was 
no longer a need to make provision for the special circumstances of 

    The Copyright Office is republishing the names of persons from the 
1994 arbitrator list who submitted timely financial disclosure 
statements. Today's list shall, in accordance with Sec. 251.3(b), 
constitute the ``arbitrator list'' for calendar year 1995.
    By republishing the list, the Office is waiving Sec. 251.3(a), 
which directs arbitration associations to submit a list of persons 
qualified to serve as arbitrators prior to January 1 of this year, and 
the Sec. 251.3(b) maximum of 75 published names. We feel that it would 
be an unnecessary burden and expense merely to observe procedure and 
require a submission of new names when none of the arbitrators named in 
the 1994 list was selected as an arbitrator because no CARPs were 
convened. The Copyright Office did considerable work in processing the 
financial disclosure forms filed by most of the nominated arbitrators. 
Furthermore, we have been informed that some copyright owners likely to 
be involved in 1995 CARP proceedings have invested a significant amount 
of time becoming familiar with the background and qualifications of the 
arbitrators appearing on the 1994 list.

Deadline for Filing Financial Disclosure Statement

    Publication of today's list triggers the requirement in Sec. 251.32 
that, within one month of date of publication in the Federal Register, 
each listed person must ``file with the Librarian of Congress a 
confidential financial disclosure statement as provided by the Library 
of Congress.'' The disclosure statement will be used by the Librarian 
for purposes of determining what conflicts of interest, if any, may 
preclude the person from serving as an arbitrator in a CARP proceeding.
    As noted above, the arbitrators on today's list filed a financial 
disclosure statement in 1994. Therefore, the Copyright Office is 
sending them a simple form that will enable them to merely update the 
financial disclosure information they filed last year. The completed 
form must be timely returned to the Copyright Office even if the 
person's financial status and information has not changed from the 
previous statement.
    The persons identified on today's arbitrator list have until 
January 30, 1995 to submit their updated financial disclosure 
statement. Sec. 251.32(a). Failure to file the updated statement on 
time may preclude consideration of the person to serve on a CARP.
    The CARP arbitrator list for 1995 includes:

Name and Affiliation

Eugene N. Aleinikoff, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
John S. Barr, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Professor Hadley Batchelder--``Judge-Net''
William W. Becker, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Rosalyn B. Bell, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Richard Bennett, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Richard M. Berman, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Bruce K. Brickman, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Stuart N. Brotman, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
The Honorable J. Robert Brown--Judicate, Inc.
The Honorable Charles Clark--Center for Public Resources, Inc.
Herbert B. Cohn, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Joel Davidow, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
James F. Davis, Esq.--Center for Public Resources, Inc.
Robert E. Donnelly, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
The Honorable Michael Dontzin--Endispute, Inc.
Edward Dreyfus, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Corydon B. Dunham, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Stuart D. Dwork, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
The Honorable Lenore G. Ehrig--Judicate, Inc. and American Arbitration 
The Honorable Jesse Etelson--Judicate, Inc.
John B. Farmakides, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Paul W. Fish, Esq.--American Intellectual Property Law Association
The Honorable Donald W. Frenzen--American Arbitration Association
The Honorable George R. Gallagher--Judicate, Inc.
David A. Gauntlett, Esq.--``Judge-Net''
Eric D. Green, Esq.--Endispute, Inc.
Joseph A. Greenwald, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
The Honorable Philip A. Gruccio--Endispute, Inc.
The Honorable Jeffery S. Gulin--Judicate, Inc.
Michael R. Hafitz, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Lawrence K. Harris, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
David C. Hilliard, Esq.--Center for Public Resources, Inc.
James R. Hobson, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
David H. Horowitz, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
George A. Hovanec, Esq.--American Intellectual Property Law Association
Scott Hunter, Esq.--``Judge-Net''
The Honorable Laurance M. Hyde, Jr. (Retired)--``Judge-Net''
The Honorable Bernard H. Jackson--Endispute, Inc.
The Honorable Mel R. Jiganti--Endispute, Inc.
James H. Johnston, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
John J. Jordan, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Judy A. Julian, Esq.--Endispute, Inc.
Robert M. Landis, Esq.--Center for Public Resources, Inc.
The Honorable William B. Lawless (Retired)--``Judge-Net''
Michael K. Lewis, Esq.--Center for Public Resources, Inc.
Burton L. Litwin, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Lee Loevinger, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
The Honorable Reuben Lozner--Judicate, Inc.
The Honorable James P. Lynch, Jr.--Endispute, Inc.
Jonathan B. Marks, Esq.--Endispute, Inc.
The Honorable Frank J. McGarr--Center for Public Resources, Inc. and 
Endispute, Inc.
The Honorable H. Curtis Meanor--Center for Public Resources, Inc.
Bernard A. Meany, Esq.--American Intellectual Property Law Association 
and American Arbitration Association
Barry William Messinger, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
The Honorable Andrew Gill Meyer--Endispute, Inc.
Albert I. Moon, Jr., Esq.--``Judge-Net''
Charles B. Molineaux, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
The Honorable Sharon T. Nelson--Judicate, Inc. and American Arbitration 
Harry R. Olsson, Jr., Esq.--American Arbitration Association
The Honorable Paul N. Pfeiffer--Judicate, Inc.
Joseph B. Russell, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
The Honorable James V. Ryan--Endispute, Inc.
Jeffrey M. Samuels, Esq.--American Intellectual Property Law 
The Honorable Herbert Silberman--Judicate, Inc.
Linda R. Singer, Esq.--Center for Public Resources, Inc.
Michael R. Slobasky, Esq.--American Intellectual Property Law 
The Honorable Harvey Smith--Endispute, Inc.
Jeffrey L. Squires, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
The Honorable Alfred T. Sulmonetti (Retired)--``Judge-Net''
The Honorable Robert E. Tarleton--Endispute, Inc.
John M. Townsend, Esq.--American Arbitration Association
Paul C. Van Slyke, Esq.--Center for Public Resources, Inc.
The Honorable Ronald P. Wertheim--Judicate, Inc.
James C. Wray, Esq.--American Intellectual Property Law Association
Michael D. Young, Esq.--Endispute, Inc.
Bruce Zagaris, Esq.--American Arbitration Association

    Dated: December 22, 1994.
Marybeth Peters,
Register of Copyrights.
    Approved by:
James H. Billington,
The Librarian of Congress.
[FR Doc. 94-32046 Filed 12-23-94; 1:58 pm]