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The hearing room in Washington DC has a limited numbers of seats for participants and observers. Therefore, each participating entity may designate only one individual to represent it on a particular roundtable session, although the entity may designate a different individual for each different session the entity requests to attend. The Office will attempt to accommodate preferences to the greatest extent possible while allowing for a maximum number of viewpoints.

If interested in participating in one or more roundtable sessions, please provide the information requested in the below form. If more than one individual seeks to participate on behalf of a particular entity, each such individual should complete and submit a participation form. Forms should be submitted electronically through this website no later than February 24, 2014 by filling out the below information and clicking on the “submit” button. If an individual is unable to submit the form electronically, please contact Catherine Rowland at [email protected] for instructions.

Note: Use this form only to indicate that you wish to participate in a public roundtable. For observation without participation, the Office will provide public seating on a first come, first serve basis on the day of the roundtable. Because space is limited and to allow for a diverse audience, we ask that entities limit observers to one per session.

Participant Information
  If another individual from the same entity also wishes to participate, please provide that person's name (each individual seeking to participate needs to submit a separate form).


Rank the sessions by order of your level of interest, with 1 being the session you are most interested in. If there is a session that you are not interested in, leave the space next to that panel blank.

    Interest Level

Session 1: The need for legislation in light of recent legal and technological developments

  Session 2: Defining a good faith "reasonably diligent search" standard
  Session 3: The role of private and public registries
  Session 4: The types of works subject to any orphan works legislation, including issues related specifically to photographs
  Session 5: The types of users and uses subject to any orphan works legislation
  Session 6: Remedies and procedures regarding orphan works
  Session 7: Mass digitization, generally
  Session 8: Extended collective licensing and mass digitization
  Session 9: The structure and mechanics of a possible extended collective licensing system in the United States

Provide a brief explanation as to why you wish to participate in the public roundtables, including, if you would like, why you are interested in specific panels.


Clicking "submit" will file your request with the U.S. Copyright Office. The next screen will display a printable page showing the complete information you entered. You will also receive an email copy of your request.