Strategic Plan 2016-2020
Positioning the United States Copyright Office for the Future

Register of Copyrights Maria A. Pallante released the Copyright Office’s Strategic Plan, setting forth the Office’s performance objectives for the next five years. This release follows a thirty-day comment period, during which the Office solicited feedback from stakeholders and the public on a draft of the plan. The Register is grateful for the comments received by the Office, which are reflected in the final Strategic Plan.

Reflecting the results of four years of internal evaluations and public input, the Strategic Plan lays out a vision of a modern Copyright Office that is equal to the task of administering the Nation’s copyright laws effectively and efficiently both today and tomorrow.

“The Strategic Plan sets forth a roadmap for re-envisioning almost all of the Copyright Office’s services, including how customers register claims, submit deposits, record documents, share data, and access expert resources,” Pallante said. “Such broad-ranging modernization efforts are needed to meet the changing needs of individual authors, entrepreneurs, the user community, and the general public.”

During implementation of the Strategic Plan, there will be opportunities for public input, including with respect to the strategies and costs associated with a dedicated information technology plan.