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Initial Comments

Initial Comments

Joint Study Required by Section 104 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Federal Register Notice 65 FR 35673

1 Ray Van De Walker 
2 Claus Fischer 
3 Roger R. Darr
4 Dusty Jones
5 Przemek Klosowski
6 Michael L. Love
7 Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
8 Bob Beard
9 Digital Future Coalition
10 Walter Charles Becktel
11 John M. Zulauf
12 Software & Information Industry Association
13 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
14 Ken Arromdee
15 Robert S. Thau & Bryan Taylor
16 Mickey McGown
17 Bryan W. Taylor
18 American Library Association, American Association of Law Libraries, Association of Research Libraries, Medical Library Association, and Special Libraries Association
19 Computer & Communications Industry Association
20 Patrice A. Lyons
21 Digital Media Association
22 Home Recording Rights Coalition
23 Charles Lee Thomason
24 Future of Music Coalition
26 American Film Marketing Association, Association of American Publishers, Business Software Alliance, Motion Picture Association of America, National Music Publishers' Association, and Recording Industry Association of America
27 National Association of Recording Merchandisers, Inc. and Video Software Dealers Association, Inc.
28 Interactive Digital Software Association
29 Time Warner Inc.
30 Ronald C.F. Antony

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