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Other Reports and Publications

1961 Copyright Law Revision Report of the Register of Copyrights on the General Revision of the U.S. Copyright Law (July 1961)

A Century of Copyright: An Exhibit (1970)

Demonology of Copyright, R.R. Bowker Memorial Lecture by Register of Copyrights Babara A. Ringer (1974)

Copyright Law Revision Report Additional Views (Senate Report 94-473)

Copyright Law Revision, Sept. 3, 1976 (House Report 94-1476)

General Revision of the Copyright Law, Sept 29, 1976 Conference Report (Senate Report 94-1733)

General Guide to the Copyright Act of 1976 (1977)

Of Copyright, Men & a National Library: Copyright in the Library of Congress 125th Anniversary

Library Reproduction of Copyrighted Works 1983

Library Reproduction of Copyrighted Works 1988

Notable Dates in American Copyright 1783-1969

Droit De Suite: The Artist's Resale Royalty (December 1992)