U.S. Copyright Office
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Introduction of Single Application Option





The Copyright Office is amending its regulations on an interim basis in order to establish a new registration option called the “single application.” This application is being introduced in order to provide an additional option for individual authors/claimants registering a single (one) work that is not a work made for hire via the Copyright Office’s electronic registration system (“eCO”). A single work (e.g., one song, one poem, one photograph) does not include collective works, unpublished collections, units of publication, group registrations, databases, or websites.  Applications for single works are the most administratively simple for the Copyright Office to process, and may make copyright registration more attractive to individual authors of single works. This application option will be available on June 28, 2013, and the Copyright Office is inviting public comments during the first 60 days of its implementation. Comments are welcome on both the operation of the single registration option and on the text of its regulations.