January 24, 2015 Release

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May 1, 2014 Release

June 28, 2013 Release

An alternate streamlined application path for certain claims will be introduced. When beginning a registration application, you will answer three questions to determine whether the information will be entered using the new Single application or with the Standard series of screens.

If you are registering one work, created and solely owned by the same individual (not "made for hire"), you will use the more streamlined Single application screens to enter information. Otherwise, you will use the Standard screens to complete the application.

The following categories of work may not be registered using the Single application: collective works, unpublished collections, units of publication, group registration options, databases, websites, works by more than one author, and works with more than one owner.

To watch a webinar demonstration of the updated application process, click the following link (you'll be asked to login by entering a name and email address): http://login.icohere.com/copyright?pnum=GZL35576

March 15, 2013 Release

September 14, 2012 Release

June 15, 2012 Release

Jul 29, 2011 Release

February 4, 2011 Release

For claims submitted after the February 4, 2011 release, the printable eCO application will include the following information when provided by the applicant: