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Printing Solutions for PDF Forms

Printing Solutions for PDF Forms

If you experience difficulty printing PDF forms, please consult Adobe's Troubleshooting Guide, which contains step-by-step solutions for many common situations. The following solutions also may help solve your specific printing problem.

Solution 1

Check your version of Adobe Reader. Go to the Help menu and select About Adobe Reader. Download the latest version from Adobe's Website.

Solution 2

You may need to change your printer settings or update your print driver. Consult your printer documentation or company website for additional information. Or try calling customer support.

Solution 3

Select “Reduce to Printer Margins” in the Acrobat print dialog box.

Solution 4

Try closing down other programs that are running, in order to give more system resources to the Acrobat program.

Solution 5

If printing multiple pages stalls, try printing one or two pages at a time. (You may not have enough printer memory.)

Solution 6

Try changing your printer's default settings to a lower resolution or to a “draft quality” setting.