Form CO Frequently Asked Questions

For general questions about copyright, please see Circular 1: Copyright Office Basics and the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Copyright Office website.

Can I use a photocopy of Form CO to register my claim to copyright?

No. You must fill in Form CO on your computer, print out that filled-in form, and mail that copy together with the fee and the deposit. Make sure your Form CO has a 2D barcode on each page. The 2D barcodes contain the information that you typed onto your Form CO. These barcodes allow the Copyright Office to process each unique claim to copyright that is filed on Form CO.

Do not use screen shots or screen captures to create your Form CO. Sending a photocopy will significantly delay processing of your application.

Can I write information on Form CO by hand?

No. Your signature should be the only handwritten information on the form. The 2D barcodes that should appear on every page of Form CO after you have finished filling it out on your computer do not contain handwritten information. Without the 2D barcodes that are unique to each application, the Copyright Office cannot process a Form CO. Sending a handwritten Form CO (other than the signature) will significantly delay processing of your application.

The printed copy of my form doesn't show the 2D barcodes. Can I send the form as is?

No. Without the 2D barcodes, the Copyright Office cannot use its scanning technology to access the information on your Form CO. Without the 2D barcodes, your Form CO will not be accepted.