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Copyright Office Adopts Updated Seal, Logo, and Wordmark

Effective Jan. 1, Copyright Office documents and publications began bearing an updated seal, logo, and wordmark to give the Copyright Office a revamped visual identity.

The new logo and seal replace the familiar pen in a circle that has been in use since Jan. 1, 1978, the effective date of the 1976 Copyright Act.

The Copyright Office seal is used on official documents, such as the certificate of registration and certified documents. The logo is used to identify the Office on its stationery and publications. The wordmark, which is a fixed stylistic rendering of the name of the Office, is used interchangeably with the logo.

New Copyright Office Seal

The seal is circular and consists of a capital letter "C" in a circle with a stylized eagle with a shield perched on the lower limb of the "C." The eagle and "C" are depicted on a field of horizontal bands enclosed by the circle. The eagle's right wing is in front of the "C" while its left wing is behind the upper limb of the "C." This group is encircled by the words "Seal of the United States Copyright Office" and the date "1870."

U.S. Copyright Office Seal

New Copyright Office Logo

The new logo retains the idea of the universally recognized "C" in a circle, but gives this symbol a sharp contemporary interpretation. Its lower limb transects the right side of the circle so that the letter and circle are formed by one continuous contour with the "C" reversed out of the solid circle.

U.S. Copyright Office Logo

New Copyright Wordmark

The new wordmark features the word "copyright" set in lowercase letters in a custom typeface. The letter "C" is replaced by the Copyright Office logo, which is larger than the rest of the letters of the word. "United States Copyright Office" appears on a line below "copyright" beginning underneath the left side of the "h." The full wordmark features all this text; an abridged version omits the second line of text.

U.S. Copyright Office Wordmark

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