The Copyright Office has made two fee adjustments. The Office introduced a reduced fee of $35 for online filing of a basic copyright registration. Online filing began in a beta test this summer for a limited number of participants. Once testing is complete, the system will be available to members of the public. The current $45 fee for a paper application will be retained.

Fee Study

Sometime in 2008: The Office will charge a fee for contents titles listed on an application for a collection, for example, for the titles of songs contained on an album. The Office will include these titles in its public registration records to make them more comprehensive and more useful to those who search the records. A fee will be charged for each title: $1 for each contents title in an electronic filing: $3 for each contents title on a paper application.

The Office submitted a fee study to Congress that provides an analysis of the costs it incurs in providing services, as well as other pertinent information, including the schedule of fees. (Read Federal Register final rule.)