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General Information

The Copyright Office maintains deposit accounts for those who frequently use its services. An individual or firm may establish a deposit account, make advance deposits into it, and charge copyright fees against the balance in the account instead of sending separate remittances with applications and other requests for services.
The electronic Copyright Office web portal allows users to establish a deposit account, replenish account funds, and charge copyright fees for services transacted online.


DA Setup

If you are already a registered electronic Copyright Office (eCO) user and want to establish a deposit account online, you must first create an organization account in the electronic Copyright Office. Log in to eCO and click the Organization / DA link under Copyright Registration in the navigation bar on the left side of the Welcome screen. Once your organization account has been created, eCO will prompt you to add users to the organization account (optional) and to establish a deposit account. After you have completed your set up, contact us at 202-707-6896 or by email at [email protected]  to link your online account. To expedite the linking process, please have the name of your organization account available. Once your deposit account is linked to your eCO user account, you may replenish the account by electronic check (Automated Clearing House—ACH) or by credit card. Or you may mail a check to the Copyright Office at:

Attn: Deposit Accounts
Copyright Accounts Section
PO Box 71380
Washington, DC 20024-1380

Note: When creating a deposit account, DO NOT include punctuation marks in any of the required fields; this will prohibit your deposit account setup. If you are experiencing problems setting up your deposit account, contact us at 202-707-6896

DA Payments

To charge service fees against a deposit account, give the number of the account on all requests. When filing a copyright claim online via the electronic Copyright Office (eCO), click the “Pay-Deposit Acct” button on the “My Cart” screen. The screen will update to display any deposit accounts linked to your eCO account; click the “Pay” icon corresponding to the account you would like to use for payment.

Important: Filing fees are nonrefundable after receipt in the U.S. Copyright Office. See Circular 4.

Note: The Copyright Office enables the account holder to view their electronic statement in the Organization of your electronic account. In addition, the office sends the account’s personal representative a monthly statement via email for any month during which the account was active, showing deposits, charges, and balances.

DA Replenishments

Once your deposit account is linked to your eService user account, you may replenish the account by electronic check (Automated Clearing House—ACH) or by credit card. Click the corresponding “Pay” icon for your account on the Organization / DA screen. You will automatically be directed to the U.S. Treasury’s webpage that will request your credit card or bank account information. When you have submitted the payment from the website, you will automatically be returned to the Copyright Office eCO webpage.

You may also mail a check to the Copyright Office; however this may cause a delay in replenishing the account. Using only the US Post Office, mail all checks with the 5 digit deposit account number to:

Deposit Accounts
Copyright Accounts Section
P0 Box 71380
Washington, DC 20024-1380

Notes: There is a service charge for Overdraft/Insufficient Funds/Bounced Replenishment Checks. Deposit account holders who submit requests for services for which no funds are available will be charged a $250 “overdraft” fee to cover the cost of extra processing. Additionally, the Copyright Office will charge an $100 service charge for handling dishonored replenishment checks.

Contact Us

For all Deposit Accounts related questions:

Phone: 202-707-6896 8am-5pm (est.) Mon-Fri

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 202-252-2098

Note: For all other questions or inquiries contact our Public Information Office at 1-877-476-0778 (toll free) or 202-707-3000.