Help: Special Handling

Special Handling is the expedited examination of a copyright registration application.

To request Special Handling:

  1. Check the Special Handling box
  2. Select at least one of the “Compelling Reasons” to justify the special handling request.
  3. Check “I certify that I am the author, copyright claimant, or owner of exclusive rights, or the authorized agent of the author, copyright claimant, or owner of exclusive rights of this work” to certify that the information contained in the request is correct to the best of the certifying party’s knowledge.
  4. In the “Explanation for Special Handling” box enter comments or special instructions that may be relevant to the special handling request, such as delivery preferences for the certificate of registration.

Note: A non-refundable Special Handling fee of $800 for each claim will be charged in addition to the non-refundable registration filing fee.

Once an application with a request for special handling is received and the special handling request is approved, every attempt is made to examine the claim within five working days. However, no guarantee is made that the work can be examined within this time. Once the claim is examined, the Office will either issue a certificate of registration, notify the applicant of any defect in the claim, or issue a refusal to register the work. If correspondence is required, the Office will make every effort to process the claim expeditiously after the reply is received.