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March 2014 Public Roundtables:

The Copyright Office held public roundtables on the issues of orphan works and mass digitization in Washington, D.C., on March 10-11, 2014. These roundtables focused on the topics listed in the Office’s February 10, 2014 Notice of Inquiry and the comments submitted in response to the Office’s October 22, 2012 Notice of Inquiry. (See final roundtable agenda)

Roundtable transcripts:

Washington, DC (3/10/14)
Washington, DC (3/11/14)

The roundtables were divided into seven sessions covering the specific topics listed in the February 10, 2014 Notice of Inquiry, as follows:

Session 1:

The need for legislation in light of recent legal and technological developments. 

Session 2:

Defining a good faith “reasonably diligent search” standard.

Session 3:

The role of private and public registries.

Session 4:

The types of works subject to any orphan works legislation, including issues related specifically to photographs.

Session 5:

The types of users and uses subject to any orphan works legislation. 

Session 6:

Remedies and procedures regarding orphan works. 

Session 7: Mass digitization, generally.
Session 8: Extended collective licensing and mass digitization.

Session 9:

The structure and mechanics of a possible extended collective licensing system in the United States. 


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