Help: Serial Issues

SE Group Serial Registration Instructions for New Users with print issues only

Serial print issues may be registered as a group if they meet all of the following requirements:

  • The claim to copyright must be in the collective work.
  • The works must be essentially all new collective works or issues.
  • Each issue must be a work made for hire.
  • The author(s) and claimant(s) must be the same person(s) or organization(s) for all the issues.
  • The serial must be published at intervals of one week or longer.
  • All issues in the group must be published within a three month period.
  • Each issue must have been created no more than one year prior to the date of publication of that issue.
  • All issues in the group must have been published within the same calendar year.
  • At least two issues must be included on each group application.

Note: If all of the requirements listed above are not met, each issue must be registered separately.

Although its collections are comprehensive, the Library of Congress does not retain every serial title deposited in the Copyright Office. You can avoid unnecessary and costly submission of subscriptions for particular titles not selected by the Library of Congress by sending a preliminary email to the Copyright Acquisitions Division to enable a review of your title(s).

If you would like to submit applications for group registration of a particular serial title(s) for the first time using the SE/Group form,before you submit any intended title(s) for which you are seeking registration, you should:

  • Submit a preliminary form to the Copyright Acquisitions Division (CAD) indicating your intent to register.
  • Your e-mail should provide the following information:
    • Name of publisher(s)/remitter(s)
    • Title(s)
    • ISSN number(s) associated with the publication(s), if known
    • Complete contact information

Once your correspondence is received by CAD and researched, you will receive official written notification from CAD of the retention status for your serial title(s), along with the proper instructions on how to continue registration for your serial title(s) in accordance with the eligibility requirements for the group registration option for related serials..

Please note that these decisions are title specific and may not apply to all titles published by the publisher/remitter.

If a title is retained for the collections, you will be instructed that two complimentary subscriptions of that serial must be given to the Library of Congress, so that promptly after publication two copies of each issue are automatically sent to the Library.

Failure to submit a preliminary email to CAD can result in publishers/remitters setting up unnecessary and costly subscriptions for titles which the Library of Congress subsequently discards.