Attention Cable Operators: An Important Notice
Issue No. 334 - December 19, 2007

SA1-2 (Short Form) Statement of Account forms for Secondary Transmissions by Cable Systems mailed to cable operators on or about December 10, 2007, have improperly encoded barcodes printed on them in Space B on the front page. To rectify this, the Copyright Office will be mailing new barcode labels to each cable system operator.

If you are a cable operator, when you receive the new barcode label, please affix the label to your statement of account form directly over the top of the original barcode in Space B of that form. This will help us guarantee the prompt and accurate processing of your statement. Only SA1-2 (Short Form) Statement of Account forms are affected by this error. SA-3 (Long Form) Statement of Account forms have correct barcodes on them and do not require a new barcode label. For further information or additional support regarding your Statement of Account, please email the Licensing Division at [email protected] or telephone us at (202) 707-8150.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your assistance.