Licensing Overview

The Licensing Section is responsible for helping to administer the various statutory licenses and similar provisions, including: secondary transmissions of radio and television programs by cable and satellite systems; making and distributing phonorecords of nondramatic musical works; and importing, manufacturing, and distributing digital audio recording devices or media.

In general the section deducts its operating costs from the royalty fees collected and invests the balance in interest-bearing securities with the U.S. Treasury for later distribution to copyright owners. The section also collects filing fees to cover part of the costs in administering the cable and satellite licenses. For further information read Circular 75, The Licensing Section of the Copyright Office.

Visit the Copyright Royalty Board website for information on determination of rates and terms for the copyright statutory licenses and for determinations on distribution of statutory license royalties collected by the Copyright Office.

Types of Licenses

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Section 111 – Statutory License for Secondary Transmissions by Cable Systems

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Section 112 – Statutory License for Making Ephemeral Recordings

Section 114 – Statutory License for the public performance of Sound Recordings by Means of a Digital Audio Transmission

Section 115 – Compulsory License for Making and Distributing Phonorecords

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Section 119 – Statutory License for Secondary Transmissions for Satellite Carriers

Section 122 – Statutory License for Secondary Transmissions by Satellite Carriers for Local Retransmissions

Other Licenses

Section 1003 – Statutory Obligation for Distribution of Digital Audio Recording Devices and Media

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