Compendium Table of Contents

Important Note

Acting Register Karyn Temple Claggett has released a revised draft of the Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices, Third Edition. This draft is the first update to the Compendium since it was released in December 2014. The draft is available on the Office’s website. The deadline for submitting public comments on this draft closed on July 30, 2017. The December 22, 2014 version of the Compendium remains in effect until the Office considers the public comments received and releases the final version of this draft.

Section Title
Introduction Introduction
Chapter 100 U.S. Copyright Office and the Copyright Law: General Background
Chapter 200 Overview of the Registration Process
Chapter 300 Copyrightable Authorship: What Can Be Registered
Chapter 400 Who May File an Application
Chapter 500 Identifying the Work(s) Covered by a Registration
Chapter 600 Examination Practices
Chapter 700 Literary Works
Chapter 800 Works of the Performing Arts
Chapter 900 Visual Art Works
Chapter 1000 Websites and Website Content
Chapter 1100 Registration for Multiple Works
Chapter 1200 Mask Works
Chapter 1300 Vessel Designs
Chapter 1400 Applications and Filing Fees
Chapter 1500 Deposits
Chapter 1600 Preregistration
Chapter 1700 Administrative Appeals
Chapter 1800 Post-Registration Procedures
Chapter 1900 Publication
Chapter 2000 Foreign Works: Eligibility and GATT Registration
Chapter 2100 Renewal Registration
Chapter 2200 Notice of Copyright
Chapter 2300 Recordation
Chapter 2400 U.S. Copyright Office Services
Glossary Glossary
Table of Authorities Table of Authorities