Revision History

The newest version of the Compendium was released in draft form on June 1, 2017. In preparing this update, the U.S. Copyright Office conducted a comprehensive review of all chapters. Revisions to the registration chapters clarify how and when the Office communicates with applicants and how it handles duplicate claims, deposit requirements, and claims involving multiple works. It also provides preliminary guidance for claims involving useful articles based on the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Star Athletica v. Varsity Brands. Revisions to the recordation chapter provide additional guidance for recording notices of termination and information on the Office’s new electronic system for the designation of agents.

The revisions address changes in post-registration procedures, including the “mailbox rule” for requests for reconsideration, and new procedures for removing personally identifiable information. It also incorporates changes made by the recent technical amendments to the Office’s regulations.

The Office has prepared a complete list of the sections that have been added, amended, revised, or removed in this release. In addition, the Office has prepared a set of “release notes,” which provide additional information about significant and/or substantive changes made to the Compendium, and redlines, which provide a direct comparison between the current and revised text.

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