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U.S. Copyright Office Issues Final Rule to Create New Group Registration Option for Updates to News Websites; Available Now

Issue No. 1047 - July 22, 2024

The U.S. Copyright Office has created a new group registration option, known as Group Registration for Updates to a News Website or GRNW, to allow news publishers to register frequently updated news websites as collective works with a deposit composed of identifying material representing sufficient portions of the works included, rather than the complete contents of the website.

The rapid pace at which many web-based materials are created and updated presents a challenge for copyright owners seeking to protect online news works. Online news publishers have expressed concern that the registration options currently available to them are expensive and burdensome. After careful consideration of the benefits to copyright owners, the potential impact on the public record, and the ability to efficiently examine these works, the Office establishes this rule with the anticipation that it will lead to broader participation in the registration system.

The application for the GRNW registration option is available now. For more information, visit our website.