Copyright Office Adopts Amendments to Regulations Governing Recordation of Notices of Termination of Transfers and Related Provisions
Issue No. 362 - March 27, 2009

The Copyright Office is adopting amendments to its regulations governing the recordation of notices of termination and certain related provisions that would: 1) communicate the Office’s practices as to its receipt of notices of termination that are untimely; 2) clarify that recordation of a notice of termination by the Office does not necessarily mean that the document is legally sufficient; 3) update the legibility requirements for all recorded documents, including notices of termination; 4) make minor explanatory edits to the fee schedule for multiple titles within a document (adding, “e.g., a Notice of Termination” as an example); and 5) establish a new mailing address to which notices of termination should be sent. The Federal Register announcement discusses the amendments and gives a new address to which notices of termination should be submitted for recordation in the Copyright Office. (Read further information)