Copyright Office Seeks to Update Specialty Station List
Issue No. 439 - November 8, 2011

The Copyright Office periodically seeks to update its list of specialty stations related to the use of the cable compulsory license. Specialty station status is determined by reference to the former regulations of the Federal Communications Commission in effect on June 24, 1981, which defined a specialty station as "a commercial television broadcast station that generally carries foreign-language, religious, and/or automated programming in one-third of the hours of an average broadcast week and one-third of the weekly prime-time hours." In response to the publication of an initial updated list of specialty stations in April 2011, the Office received objections filed by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to the identification of certain stations as being entitled to specialty station status in accordance with the FCC's definition of specialty station. Consequently, before compiling the final list, the Office is providing an opportunity for response to the filed objections. The Office is also publishing for comment a new list of television stations reported in filed affidavits received after publication of the initial list in which the owner or licensee of the television station attests that the station qualifies as a specialty station under the FCC's former rules. Objections to the newly designated specialty stations must be filed no later than December 8, 2011. Responses to any objections filed to the newly designated specialty stations must be received no later than January 9, 2012. Responses to any of the MPAA objections must also be filed with the Office no later than January 9, 2012. (Read more.)