Copyright Office Releases Upgrades to Virtual Card Catalog Proof of Concept
Issue No. 725 - July 18, 2018

Today, the U.S. Copyright Office implemented a series of technical upgrades to enhance searching and results tracking capabilities when using the proof of concept of the Virtual Card Catalog (VCC).

In this upgraded version, users now:

  • have the option to perform simple and advanced queries based off the raw datasets captured from the images;
  • may execute queries to narrow the number of results from browsing (in addition to browsing drawers);
  • have more images from which to search (for a more complete search)—this new release contains approximately 99.6 percent of the images from the two indexes;
  • can select multiple drawers from multiple indexes to browse and can click on a card to enlarge an image along with the set of images for easy scrolling; and
  • may also select specific drawers for additional queries, in addition to saving up to twenty-five cards to a folder during a browsing session.

These improvements are designed to enrich the user experience and improve the efficiency of searching Copyright Office records. To access the VCC, click:

Feedback and survey links are contained within the site. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

* Note: This proof of concept is not a final version of the planned Virtual Card Catalog. The purpose is to validate the VCC’s feasibility and to verify its potential use for the public. The images are presented in a similar filing order as found in the physical card catalog and may contain filing errors and corrupt images.