The Orrin G. Hatch–Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act Signed into Law
Issue No. 728 - October 11, 2018

Congress recently passed the Orrin G. Hatch–Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act, which the president signed into law on October 11, 2018.

This bipartisan and unanimously-enacted legislation represents the realization of years of effort by a wide array of policymakers and stakeholders, and the U.S. Copyright Office itself, to update music licensing to better facilitate legal licensing of music by digital services. The Copyright Office is heartened by the passage of this landmark legislation expected to benefit the many stakeholders across all aspects of the music marketplace, including songwriters, publishers, artists, record labels, digital services, libraries, and the public at large.

The legislation addresses Congress’s determination that copyright law had not kept pace with changing consumer preferences and technological developments in music. The law has three key components, Title I—Music Licensing Modernization; Title II—Classics Protection and Access; and Title III—Allocation for Music Producers. More information about the law is available on the Office’s Music Modernization Act webpage.

The law is effective as of October 11, 2018, but some aspects become applicable later. The Copyright Office and stakeholders must undertake several implementation steps during this process.

The Copyright Office looks forward to implementing this historic law. The Office’s NewsNets and website will provide updates on rulemakings and other Office implementation activities.