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§ 227.4 Opportunity for respondent or counterclaim respondent to submit evidence.

(a) Response to notice by respondent or counterclaim respondent. The respondent or counterclaim respondent may submit in writing any evidence or information in opposition to the proposed default determination within 30 days of the issuance of the proposed default determination absent an extension of that time by the Board. The form of that response shall follow the procedures for written response testimony under § 222.15(b) of this subchapter. If the respondent or counterclaim respondent fails to timely submit evidence but submits a response that indicates an intent to submit evidence in opposition to the proposed default determination, the Board shall consider the response and either provide the respondent or counterclaim respondent with additional time to submit evidence or proceed with issuing the default determination.

(b) Response to respondent's or counterclaim respondent's submissions. If the respondent or counterclaim respondent provides any evidence or other information in response to the notice of the pending default determination, the other parties to the proceeding shall be provided an opportunity to address such a submission by following the procedures for written reply testimony under § 222.15(c) of this subchapter within 21 days of the respondent's submission.

(c) Hearings. The Board may hold a hearing related to default determinations at its discretion.

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