Denise D. Wofford

Assistant Register and Director, Office of Copyright Records

Denise D. Wofford, Director of Copyright Records

Denise Wofford is the Assistant Register and Director of the Office of Copyright Records for the United States Copyright Office. She was appointed to the position effective May 28, 2017.

In her position, Wofford is responsible for establishing records policies and preserving, maintaining, and servicing copyright-related records. She oversees the Office of Copyright Records, which records transfers of copyright ownership and notices of termination, researches and provides certified and non-certified copies of copyright deposits, ensures the storage and security of copyright deposits, and safeguards the official records of the Copyright Office.

Prior to her appointment as Assistant Register, Wofford had served as the deputy director of the Copyright Technology Office since 2010. Previously, she worked at the Treasury’s Management Office of the OCIO, the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Bureau, and at the Peace Corps. Before starting her career in the federal government, Wofford served as the information technology manager at the Graduate School USA and was a software developer. Her experience outside the government covers a variety of industries such as publishing, manufacturing, consulting, and banking.

Wofford holds an MS in computer systems management from the University of Maryland University College and a BS in business administration and information technology from Appalachian State University.