Shown below are fees for copyright registration, recordation, and other services. Note that there is now a lower filing fee for online registration of basic claims through the electronic Copyright Office. Fees in effect as of May 1, 2014.

Basic Registrations

Registrations online

Single Application (single author, same claimant, one work, not for hire)
Standard Application (all other filings)


Registrations on paper

Paper filing on Form TX, Form VA, Form PA, Form SE, and Form SR


Renewal Registrations

For works published or registered before January 1, 1978

Form RE

Addendum to Form RE (in addition to fee for claim) $100

Supplementary Registrations

Electronic or paper filing (to correct or amplify a completed registration) $130
Form DC (to correct a design registration) $100

Group Registrations

Group registration of serials (per issue, with minimum 2 issues; electronic or paper filing) $25
Form G/DN (group registration of daily newsletters) $80
Group registration of newspaper issues (electronic filing only) $80
Group registration of unpublished photographs (electronic filing only) $55
Group registration of published photographs (electronic filing only) $55
Group registration of database updates (paper application only) $85
Group registration for a database that predominantly consists of photographs and updates thereto (electronic filing) $55
Group registration for a database that predominantly consists of photographs and updates thereto (paper filing) $65
Group registration of contributions to periodicals (electronic filing only) $85


Preregistration of certain unpublished works $140

Other Registrations

Form D-VH (vessel designs) $400
Form GATT $85
Form MW (mask works) $120

Special Handling

Requests for Reconsideration (Appeals)

For claims previously refused registration

First request

Second request $500

Recordation of Documents

Recordation of document, including notice of intention to enforce (containing no more than 1 title) $105
Additional titles without electronic title list (per group of 10 or fewer titles) $35
Additional titles provided in an electronic title list (flat fee)
   1 to 50 additional titles
   51 to 500 additional titles
   501 to 1,000 additional titles
   1,001 to 10,000 additional titles
   10,001 or more additional titles

Additional Transfers (each) $105
Special handling of recordation of documents $550
Correction of online Public Catalog data due to erroneous electronic title submission (per title) $7

Searches of Records

Estimate of search fee (credited to search fee) $200
Search report (per hour, 2 hour minimum) $200
Expedited report (surcharge per hour for first two hours plus $200 per hour base fee) $300
Each additional hour in addition to the charge for the first two hours (three-hour search is $200 + $200 + $300 + $300 + $500) $500
Certification of search report (per hour) $200

Miscellaneous Fees

Receipt for deposit without registration (section 407 deposit) $30
Designation of agent under section 512(c)(2) to receive notification of claimed infringement or amendment or resubmission of agent $6
Alternative names, including websites (per group of 10 or fewer) $35
Notice to libraries and archives (each additional title $ 20) $50
Service charge for Federal Express mailing $45
Service charge for delivery of documents via fax (per page, 7 pages maximum) $1
Initial request to remove requested PII from online catalog, per registration record $130
Reconsideration of denied requests to remove PII, flat fee $60

Retrievals and Copies of Records

Retrieval of paper records (per hour, 1 hour minimum) $200
Retrieval of digital records (per hour, half hour minimum, quarter hour increments) $200
Additional certificate of registration $40
Certification of records, including search reports (per hour) $200
Surcharge for expedited retrievals, certification, and copying ($/hr) $305
Photocopy (black & white, 8 1/2 x 11) (per page, minimum: $12) $.50
Photocopy (black & white, 11 x 17) (per page, minimum: $12) $1
Photocopy (color, 8 1/2 x 11) (per page, minimum: $12) $2
Photocopy (color, 11 x 17) (per page, minimum: $12) $4
Audiocassette (first 30 minutes)
   Additional 15-minute increments
Videocassette (first 30 minutes)
   Additional 15-minute increments
CD or DVD $30
Flash drive $30
Unsupported formats and other copying of materials by outside providers, at cost of provider Variable

Payment Processing Service Charges

Overdraft of deposit account $250
Dishonored replenishment check for deposit account $100
Uncollectible or nonnegotiable check $30