Uploading Your Work to eCO

When payment is complete, you will see the "Payment Successful" screen. Click here for a demonstration of how to upload your work.

  1. Click the “Continue” button on the upper right of the Payment Successful screen.
  2. Click the green “Select files to upload” button in the “Deposit Submission” table. A window with fields for browsing and selecting files to be uploaded should appear.
  3. Select the file(s) to be uploaded for the work being registered. As they are selected, the file names will be displayed under the green “Select Files to upload” button.
  4. After selecting all files for the work, click the blue “Start Upload” button.
  5. When all files have been uploaded for the work, click the green “Complete Your Submission” button.
  6. If you submitted multiple applications together, repeat these steps for each application to upload and electronic copy of the work(s).

Click here for the list of acceptable file types. The maximum size for each file is 500 MB.

To upload multiple files, after clicking the green “Select files to upload” button, you can browse and select as many files as needed to upload a copy of your work. After all files have been selected, click the blue “Start Upload” button to upload them together.

To upload files larger than 500 MB, we recommend that you:

  1. Compress the file(s) by zipping them in a .zip file.
  2. Break large files into two or more smaller files so that no file exceeds 500 MB.

Note: If you are registering a group of issues from the same serial publication, the same newspaper, or the same newsletter, YOU MUST upload each issue in a separate electronic file. DO NOT upload all of your issues in a ZIP file.

Likewise, DO NOT upload your works in a ZIP file if you are registering a group of musical works or sound recordings that were published on the same album.