Copyright Office Announces Termination of Proceedings
Issue No. 321 - August 13, 2007

The Copyright Office announces the termination of the open proceedings conducted under the former Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel system, including the following dockets: 2001-8 CARP CD 98-99, 2002-8 CARP CD 2000, 2003-2 CARP CD 2001, 2004-5 CARP CD-2002, 2001-5 CARP SD 99, 2001-7 CARP SD 2000, and 99-4 CARP DPRA.

The Office is also providing notice that, upon termination of these proceedings, the Copyright Royalty Board has the authority to to commence proceedings to set rates or to make determinations regarding the future distribution of royalty funds associated with these proceedings. The announcement is effective August 10, 2007. (Read further information.)