Use 2010/1 Version of Gralin Cable Statement of Account Forms
Issue No. 409 - January 28, 2011

The Copyright Office is awaiting the delivery of the interactive version of the cable SA1-2 and SA-3 statement of account (SOA) forms from Gralin Associates Inc. for the July-December 2010 (2010/2) accounting period. So that cable operators may start preparing their 2010/2 forms for submission to the Copyright Office by the March 1, 2011, filing deadline, operators may use the 2010/1 version of the Gralin forms.

Please note that space G of the 2010/1 SA-3 has been revised for 2010/2 to remove the first exempted class for distant multicast stream retransmissions, that is, retransmissions prior to February 27, 2010. This exemption applied only to the 2010/1 accounting period. Space G instructions have also been revised for 2010/2 to clarify that simulcast streams must be reported in column 1 but are exempt from a royalty fee payment in column 5. Pages v and vi of the SA-3 general instructions have been revised accordingly in addition to the SA1-2 space G and general instructions (page iv). The layout of the SA-3 space D and instructions were modified for 2010/2. Please follow the instructions in the 2010/2 cable SOA forms available at

If the 2010/2 Gralin forms become available, the Office will promptly review them and make an announcement once they are approved. Cable operators may use either the 2010/1 version of the Gralin forms or the 2010/2 Gralin versions, should they become available. For questions, please contact us at (202) 707-8150 or email [email protected].