Copyright Office Announces Symposium for Unclaimed Royalties Study
Issue No. 784 - October 30, 2019

The U.S. Copyright Office will hold a one-day symposium on December 6, 2019, in Washington, DC, at the Library of Congress to initiate its public study pursuant to the Music Modernization Act. The study will analyze the best practices that the Mechanical Licensing Collective may implement to effectively identify copyright owners and unclaimed royalties of musical works while encouraging copyright owners to claim royalties and ultimately reduce the occurrence of unclaimed royalties.

The educational symposium is designed to facilitate discussion on issues relevant to the upcoming Unclaimed Royalties Study by a broad range of music industry participants and other interested members of the public. Specifically, the symposium is expected to feature discussions from representatives of the Mechanical Licensing Collective and the Digital Licensee Coordinator, artists, and other music industry professionals who will participate in panels that address foundational issues relevant to the study from an informational perspective. An agenda will be posted on the symposium webpage closer to the event date.

In addition to panel discussions, observers will be provided an opportunity to offer additional comments for the record.

The educational symposium is the first step in this study, and a transcript and video of the event will be made available on our website. The Office will separately issue a Notice of Inquiry soliciting written comments and also expects to announce roundtables, both of which will provide additional opportunities for public input on the Unclaimed Royalties Study.