Copyright Office Issues Interim Rule on Secure Tests Affected by COVID-19
Issue No. 822 - May 8, 2020

The Copyright Office has published an interim rule that amends its regulations regarding eligibility for the Office’s special registration procedure for “secure tests.” The prior regulations required that a secure test be administered “at specified centers.” Due to the COVID-19 emergency, certain tests normally administered at specified centers are temporarily being administered remotely. Under the interim rule, these tests will remain eligible for registration as secure tests, provided the administrator employs sufficient security measures.

In addition, the Office is currently exploring whether it could conduct examination of secure test claims via secure teleconference. The Office is requesting public comment regarding such a process. The Office also is announcing its intention to issue guidelines to allow interested parties to request informal meetings with the Office in this rulemaking. For more information, please visit the Office’s website.

For general information about Copyright Office operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit The Copyright Office Public Information Office is available for questions through our website at or by phone at (202) 707-3000 or 1-877-476-0778 (toll free).

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