U.S. Copyright Office Announces Webinar on New Group Registration for Works on an Album of Music (GRAM)

Issue No. 885 - March 11, 2021

The Copyright Office will host a webinar on Wednesday, March 31, at noon eastern time on the new group registration option for works published on the same album of music.

The Copyright Office is creating a new process for registering musical works that are published on the same album. In addition, the Office is creating a separate process for registering sound recordings, photographs, artwork, or liner notes that are published on the same album. Under this option, applicants may register up to twenty musical works or up to twenty sound recordings with one application and one filing fee.

To qualify, each work must be published on the same album. The works must be created by the same author, or there must be a common co-author for every work being registered. Additionally, the copyright claimant for all the works must be the same person or the same organization.

To register works under this option, applicants must submit an online application specifically designated for works published on the same album of music.

The webinar will offer an overview of the GRAM registration process and guidance on when and how it may be used. Following the presentation, Copyright Office staff will answer participants’ questions about the new procedure.

To participate in this webinar, please register here. For more information on the GRAM process, please visit the Copyright Office’s website.