Copyright Office Announces Webinar on Registration Modernization

Issue No. 905 - July 15, 2021

The Copyright Office will host its next public modernization webinar on July 26, 2021, from noon to 1:00 p.m. eastern time.

As part of its modernization efforts, the Copyright Office, in partnership with the Library of Congress Office of the Chief Information Officer, is taking a user-driven design approach for developing the next generation system to support copyright registration. The Office is actively testing concepts and designs with real-world users within the Library and across creative industries and is incorporating feedback as development of the system progresses. At the initial stage of these efforts, developers have mocked up sections of a re-envisioned Standard Application process in a prototype environment so that users can test concepts and react to the ordering and clarity of the questions, the tiers of help, and the options during moderated testing conducted by user experience design experts. During the webinar, Office staff will discuss the development of this prototype and will also address the progress of the development work on the internal functionality of the new registration system.

Participants must register for this Copyright Office webinar. The Copyright Office launched its modernization webinar series on January 31, 2019. View past webinars and presentation slides on The Office will continue to hold additional webinars every other month during modernization to keep the public informed about and involved in the modernization process. Future webinar dates and topics will be announced through NewsNet.