Copyright Office Closes Out 150th Celebrations with New Exhibit

Issue No. 909 - July 29, 2021

July marks the end of the Copyright Office’s 150th anniversary celebration. To commemorate our 150th year, we’ve launched “Find Yourself in Copyright,” an online exhibit exploring the rich history of copyright in America.

About the Exhibit

Copyright serves all of us, incentivizing creation and enriching our culture. Find Yourself in Copyright explores how U.S. copyright law has evolved and how copyright claims registered with the Copyright Office illustrate the deep and varied nature of original works. Visit our online exhibition now to learn about the story of copyright in the United States and the Copyright Office’s key role.

Once the Madison Building reopens to the public in the coming months, we will invite you to visit our brand new physical exhibit where you’ll be able to see copyright artifacts in person, explore our history, and of course, find yourself in copyright.