Copyright Office Issues Final Rule Clarification for Small Claims Expedited Registration Procedures and Final Rule Correction for Initiation of Proceedings and Related Procedures

Issue No. 958 - April 22, 2022

The U.S. Copyright Office has published a technical correction regarding the Copyright Claims Board’s (CCB’s) designated service agent directory filing fee. The correction can be found here.

The U.S. Copyright Office also published a clarification and amendment of the regulations governing the Office’s procedures regarding copyright infringement claims before the CCB that involve unregistered works. The rule amends the procedures for the Office to make a decision, on an expedited basis, to issue or deny copyright registration for an unregistered work at issue in a CCB proceeding (an “expedited registration”). The amended rule allows a claimant before the CCB to request the CCB’s permission to obtain an expedited registration before the proceeding becomes active.

Additional information on the expedited registration rulemaking is available here.