Section 115 License Statement of Account Rulemaking: Reply Comments

The Copyright Office has received 18 replies on rulemaking proceeding to adopt new regulations for this purpose.

Document Commenter
1 American Association of Independent Music
2 Campfire Girl Publishing
3 David C. Lowery
4 Dinah Brein
5 Don Coyer Music, ASCAP
6 John Eppstein
7 LASongs Publishing
8 Lisa Thomas Music Services, LLC
9 Mike Felten
10 Music Reports, Inc.
11 Recording Industry Association of America, Inc
12 Regan Music Publishing Co.
13 Road Cannon Music, LLC
14 Songwriters Awareness Collective
15 Songwriters' Guild of America, Inc.
16 Tajo-One, Inc.
17 The Digital Media Association, National Music Publishers' Association, Inc., Recording Industry Association of America, Inc., The Harry Fox Agency, Inc., Music Reports, Inc.
18 The National Music Publishers' Association, The Harry Fox Agency, Inc., Songwriters Guild of America, Nashville Songwriters Association International