Code of Federal Regulations

Title 37 — Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights

Copyright Office regulations codified in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). These regulations are also known as Circular 96.

Subchapter A—Copyright Office and Procedures;
Part 210—Compulsory License for Making and Distributing Physical and Digital Phonorecords of Nondramatic Musical Works

Section Title
Subpart A—Royalties and Statements of Account Under Non-Blanket Compulsory License
210.1 General
210.2 Definitions
210.3 Accounting requirements where sales revenue is "recognized"
210.4 Accounting requirements for offsetting phonorecord reserves with returned phonorecords
210.5 Situations in which a compulsory licensee is barred from maintaining reserves
210.6 Monthly statements of account
210.7 Annual statements of account
210.8 Documentation
210.9 Harmless errors
210.10 Statements required for limitation on liability for digital music providers for the transition period prior to the license availability date
210.11 Record companies using individual download licenses
210.12–210.20 [Reserved]
Subpart B—Blanket Compulsory License for Digital Uses, Mechanical Licensing Collective, and Digital Licensee Coordinator
210.21 General
210.22 Definitions
210.23 Designation of the mechanical licensing collective and digital licensee coordinator
210.24 Notices of blanket license
210.25 Notices of nonblanket activity
210.26 Data collection and delivery efforts by digital music providers and musical work copyright owners
210.27 Reports of usage and payment for blanket licensees
210.28 Reports of usage for significant nonblanket licensees
210.29 Reporting and distribution of royalties to copyright owners by the mechanical licensing collective
210.30 Temporary exception to certain reporting requirements about certain permanent download licenses
210.31 Musical works database information
210.32 Musical works database usability, interoperability, and usage restrictions
210.33 Annual reporting by the mechanical licensing collective
210.34 Treatment of confidential and other sensitive information