February 18, 2019 Release

The U.S. Copyright Office updated the online application for registering a group of newspaper issues. Specifically, the Office removed the automated validation that prevented publishers from submitting issues that were more than three months old. Beginning February 18, 2019, publishers will be allowed to submit group newspaper claims, regardless of when their issues were published.

In the past, publishers were required to submit an online application and an appropriate deposit, and they had to submit their claim within three months after the publication of the earliest issue in the group. This deadline was intended to benefit the Library of Congress by ensuring that newspaper issues could be added to its collections and made available to its patrons in a timely manner.

Many publishers were unable to submit their claims before the three-month deadline expired. To address these concerns, the Office eliminated the three-month filing requirement and made corresponding changes to the electronic system. This should give publishers more flexibility, and allow them to register issues that otherwise would be ineligible for group registration.

More information about this update may be found here. In addition, the Copyright Office has prepared a video tutorial that provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete the online application and upload digital copies. The help text that accompanies the online application also provides answers to frequently asked questions.