Copyright Office Submits Fee Study to Congress
Issue No. 309 - March 20, 2007

On February 21, the Copyright Office submitted a report to Congress that analyzes the fees charged by the Office and proposes an adjustment to the registration fee for online registrations. This fee will go into effect with the activation of the online registration system on or about July 1. If Congress takes no action within 120 days, the Register may implement the new fees. As an incentive to use the new online registration system, the fee for a basic registration filed online will be $35. The fee of $45, established in 2006, would remain the same for paper filings. The Register proposes the $35 fee both for those who submit their deposits online and those who submit deposits in physical form.

In addition, the Register proposes a fee for listing contents titles of individual works in collections. The proposed fee is $1 per title for electronic claims and $3 per title for paper claims. (Read further information.)