Performing Arts

Works of the performing arts are works that are intended to be performed for an audience. This category includes a wide variety of creative works, including music, lyrics, sound recordings, scripts, screenplays, choreography, motion pictures, video games, and similar types of works.

Works commonly registered under Performing Arts category
Albums Audio Books Beats
Choreographic Works Comedy Routines / Stand Up Routines Dances
Drama Instrumentation Interviews
Jingles Karaoke Live Concerts
Lyrics Method / Musical Instruction Books Mix Tapes
Music Music & Lyrics Music Editing
Musical Arrangement Musical Theater Musicals (Song / Script)
Pantomime Podcasts Remixes / Mashups
Sampling Screenplays Scripts
Songs Sound Effects Sound Recordings
Soundtracks Spoken Word Recordings Stage Plays
Synopses Teleplays Treatments
TV / Radio Broadcasts Vocals