Studies 1 to 34

No. Format Title
1 The History of U.S.A Copyright Law Revision From 1901 to 1954
2 Size of the Copyright Industries
3 The Meaning of "Writings" in the Copyright Clause of the Constitution
4 The Moral Right of the Author
5 The Compulsory License Provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law
6 The Economic Aspects of the Compulsory License
7 Copyright Notice
8 Commercial Use of the Copyright Notice
9 Use of the Copyright Notice by Libraries
10 False use of Copyright Notice
11 Divisibility of Copyrights
12 Joint Ownership of Copyrights
13 Works Made for Hire and on Commission
14 Fair Use of Copyrighted Works
15 Photoduplication of Copyrighted Material by Libraries
16 Limitations on Peforming Rights
17 The Registration of Copyright
18 Authority of the Register of Copyrights To Reject Applications for Registration
19 The Recordation of Copyright Assignments and Licenses
20 Deposit of Copyrighted Works
21 The Catalog of Copyright Entries
22 The Damage Provisions of the Copyright Law
23 The Operation of the Damage Provisions of the Copyright law: An Explanatory Study
24 Remedies Other Than Damages for Copyright Infringement
25 Liability of Innocent Infringers of Copyrights
26 The Unauthorized Duplication of Sound Recordings
27 Copyright in Architectural Works
28 Copyright in Choreographic Works
29 Protection of Unpublished Works
30 Duration of Copyright
31 Renewal of Copyright
32 Protection of Works on Foreign Origin
33 Copyright in Government Publications
34 Copyright in Territories and Possession of the United States